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Sidijk BV - Heerenveen
De first Air Tumbling Track producer!

With over 40 years of experience in air and foam filled products we are thé company in the field of Air Tumbling Tracks and other training products for sports. As official supplier of the Olympic Games our roots lie in top sport. All products are also developed with top sportsmen and are being produced according the latest technics and with the best materials.

In 1995 Sidijk launched different training products in the national and international world of gymnastics. Nowadays our products find their way also in free running, martial arts, dance shows and cheerleading and in the gymnastic classes at schools.

The products all have an added-value for the sports and the best example without a doubt is our inflatable Air Tumbling Track. The first Air Tumbling Track was together with the Dutch Gymnastics Union (KNGU) developed and produced. This track is an official part of the competition within the KNGU. Still it is our most sold Air Tumbling


We always aspire to deliver the best quality. That is why we work with high quality materials. To maintain these quality, we are constantly testing and improving our products. Amongst other locations, we also do this at the Epke Zonderland Gymnastics Centre at Sportstad Heerenveen - The Netherlands. Many top athletes train at this location and use the training products of Sidijk.


The goal of training products is to make sportsmen better, but more important is the safety. The products accomplish that young as well as older sportsmen can practice and perform different exercises on a safe way. Therefore it helps for example younger sportsmen to get more self-confidence, so it will take them to the next level. Only with self-confidence a sportsman can outshine.   

AIRBAG Original

Along with our range of airtracks and training materials, Sidijk has also launched its own brand of airbags called: AIRBAG Original. Are you interested to know whether an airbag is a good concept for your location? Learn more, visit: www.airbagoriginal.com

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