Regulating fan 2,2 kW

This regulating 2,2 kW fan on wheels is suitable for inflating the Air Tumbling Tracks.

For an optimal noise reduction we can also deliver the fan in a flight case.



from € 1.700,00
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Regulating 2,2 kW fan in flight case 199.010

This regulating 2,2 kW fan in flight case is used to inflate the Air Tumbling Tracks.


€ 2.375,00
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Regulating 0,95 kW fan in flight case 199.011

This 0,95 kW fan with automatic regulator is delivered in a flight case. This fan is suitable for all the Super Silent Air Tracks Pro.

€ 1.961,00
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Bravo Mini blower 09.01.003

The Bravo mini blower can be used for inflating all Super Silent AirTracks, AirFloors and AirTrack Elements. After the product has the necessary pressure the mini blower can be disconnected.

With the mini blower the track also can be easily deflated.



€ 109,00
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Wibit mini blower 23.01.004

This Wibit mini blower is suitable for all the Super Silent AirTracks, AirFloors, Airtrack Elements, Air Mats en Air Beams. The weight is only 2,5 kg and because of its measurements it is very easy to store. The mini fan has both a blowing as a deflating function. So the object can also be easily deflated and stored after using it.

€ 149,00
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Foam box 198.021

The foam box can be installed around a regulating 2,2 kW fan on wheels. The box will reduce the noise of the fan.

€ 131,00
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Manometer 901.112

With the manometer the pressure of a track can be controlled. The manometer is suitable for every Super Silent Air Track, Air Floor and Air Track element. The manometer can be connected to the second valve when the track gets inflated.  

€ 100,00
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Transport trolley 901.160

With this transport trolley every Air Tumbling Track or Air Track can be transported proberly. Because of the construction of the trolley a track can easily be rolled on and off. By raising the flap and putting it back, the rolled-up track gets automatically stuck.

The transport trolley has a dimension of 89 x 108 x 90 cm.


€ 705,00
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