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CreaQbus - basic set

The CreaQbus basic set consists of eleven separate foam elements that can be combined in a variety of ways. The practice system can easily be linked using Velcro, to create various motor drills and challenging learning situations for the basic development of young children.

The CreaQbus is also the perfect training set for the advanced gymnast. Combine the CreaQbus elements with other gymnastic elements to safely carry out different exercises.

The basic set consists of the following eleven blue elements: 
- 4 rectangular mats, 130 x 130 x 15 cm
- 1 semi-circular element, 130 x 65 x 32.5 cm
- 6 wedge-shaped elements, 130 x 65 cm, 
sloping; 2x from 3 to 15 cm, 1x from 15 to 30 cm, 1x from 30 to 45 cm, 1x from 45 to 60 cm and 1x from 60 to 75 cm. 

Expand the CreaQbus with the 6-piece expansion kit for even more exercise combinations!



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