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The Plyobox contains three blocks of the same height that tapers towards the top. Firm Velcro holds the blocks together, but you can also use them separately. They have many functions. Use the blocks as a climbing obstacle in your obstacle course or try to jump over it. It is easy to move around by the handles at the side. Due to use of EPS foam the blocks are firm, but also soft, what makes the Plyobox suitable for all ages. 

Would you prefer other colours? Please contact us!

Length: 130 cm
Width bottom: 70 cm. 
Width top: 45 cm.
Height: 80 cm.

Make a combination together with other Sidijk training products like the AirTrack, AirFloors, FlikFlakker or EasyFlip!

€ 730,00
excl. VAT
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